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Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde compared to the veldt essays Science and progress are two ideas that can be linked together. Scientist have been doing research for many years and making progress. This progress can be questionable when we look at some science that has backfired and can be considered to be regression. One that comes to mind is the atomic bomb. This bomb was scientifically made during World War II and was used on Japan, killing thousands of people. Years later, Russia and the United States started to stock pile these bombs in fear of the other using theirs. This was considered to be the Cold War. The important anthem guide to essay writing to know is that if the bombs would have been used, there would be a nuclear winter that would kill millions of people. Now, countries all over the world have atomic bombs and can use them at any time. The atomic bomb was created by scientists and is the most feared weapons of all time. The buy essay online cheap corporate-ngo partnerships for sustainable development of whole cities being destroyed in seconds is enough to send chills down the back of any person. Another scientific progression is the thought of cloning. This idea is one of the most controversial topics today. Some would agree that it would be nice to clone because you could have what you want. The problem with this is that what you don’t want will be discarded and forgotten. We need to look at science and try to determine where we should draw the line before it starts to backfire on us. Robert Luis Stevenson’s novel Dr. Jekyll and Help writing a research paper - We ?. Hyde and Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Veldt” both represent the same idea of science Essays on abraham lincoln - Do My ? progress. In both stories, the scientific breakthrough is great at first, and then consequences come later. Two different author’s with one very important topic. The link between the two authors and their stories is science and the effect’s of it. In both of these stories, death comes from the progression of science and technology. In Bradbury’s story, the two children, Wendy and Peter fall in love with the room that.

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