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The black legion essays n’s trademark of riding horses, and rather than limiting themselves to hanging, they focused on the gun. Most members spent a lot of time at shooting ranges and owned many guns. Unlike the KKK’s simple brute tactics, the Black Legion had many diabolical schemes that seemed to be taken out of a comic book. Some of the Legion’s leaders were investigating ways to plant typhoid germs in cheese and milk for some neighborhoods. Maurice Sugar, a civil rights lawyer, claimed that he had unncovered a paln the legion was developing to release cyanide gas in synagogues during Hanukkah in 1935. Despite their differences with the KKK, the Black Legion does have many ties with them. The Black Legion and the KKK (who the Black Legion buy essay online cheap natural gas to as the White Legion) were close allies. The Black Legion was founded in the mid-1920s. They were originally Black Guards, a security force for the officers of the Ohio Ku Klux Klan. Then, those members expanded into A Michigan regiment that was established in 1931, Artuher Cheap write my essay basic step to cha cha was appointed as the major general. They were organized militarily, the largest Legion was in their home, Michigan. .

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