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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 3:30:04 AM

Near death experiences essays erience of dying essay writing professional thank by such peace and tranquility that many patients claim there is no way of explaining it. A man who nearly died as a result of a motorcycle crash said as he lay dying in the hospital: I felt peaceful. I felt calm. No pain…extremely peaceful (Ring, 43). In the results of the patients which have been reported, all but a low, low percentage describes the NDE as a “journey to hell.” Although some NDEs do include frightening aspects or moments of confusion “none studied have been characterized by predominantly unpleasant feelings” (Ring, 45). The second stage of the NDE involves a sense of detachment from one’s physical body. Most NDE patients do have an out of body experience, but not cheap write my essay fi512 entrepreneurial finance are the same. Some of the patients are able to see their physical body where it lies, in the hospital or where it is he or she died, while others are not mindful of where it essay writing professional thank he or she is at that moment. “Visually they describe the environment as very brightly illuminated.

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