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Saturday, October 21, 2017 3:32:21 AM

Ru486 essays The article I chose is about the anti-progesterone RU-486 (mifepristone). I chose this article treaty of waitangi essay questions a few reasons. I was interested in the article's content, and although the article appeared to be straight forward there were many hidden messages. Before this article I knew nothing Stanley Milgrams study essay writing website RU-486. I would have read this article and probably passed right over the messages that makes the article negative about this drug for moral reasons instead of scientific ones. The article appears to be a straight forward article explaining what Ru-486 is, what it does, and that it is very bad. Once I did some research myself I began to see that this article is bias and that it is packed with hidden messages I would normally take for truth. This paper was written by a pro-lifer directed towards people, probably women looking for information on the new drug. I Stanley Milgrams study essay writing website that cheap write my essay voluntary euthanasia is written by a pro-lifer because there are all kinds of hidden clues. For instance, the article begins with explaining what RU-486 stand for. The author explains that the pill is named after the manufacturer who is owned by a corporation that spun off from the I.G. chemical firm. The firm that supplied Hitler with the Zyklon B gas used to kill Jews and Christians in the Third Reich death camps. Also, the author once refers to a fetus as "little one, baby." Referring to a fetus as a "little one" means that he assumes there is more to the fetus than biological life and than is not going to present this information objectively. When the author gives the citations they are from the American Life League and a book called "Misconceptions, myths, and morals." The information presented in this article is all negative. The author begins the article explaining how RU-486 is somehow correlated with killing Jews and Christians. The author buy essay online cheap rich get richer RU-486 is safe. This question is answered.

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