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Sunday, October 29, 2017 11:08:45 AM

Tragic hero: brutus essays Brutus was a tragic hero in the play Julius Caesar, there has been many tragic heroes in the world, many people have done so well, and provide so much, only to die when there life was still young, it is amazing to any topic order essay of what these people could have provided if there life wasn’t cut short, it is sad. Brutus had many faults, he was easily persuadable, Cassius need help do my essay timeline of the atomic bomb him over and over till Brutus finally caved in, and he could also be easily tricked, when the conspirators planted 3 letters to him. Cassius was smart though, he wanted Brutus to stay with idea, when saying about killing Antonia and Brutus strongly rejecceted, Cassius suddenly agrees with Brutus so that Brutus stays with him. Brutus also couldn’t show his emotions well, when his wife asked him what was wrong he never gave her a straight answer, she tried to coerce one out of him, but he never gave her one. If she told her the truth he might have lived longer. I never thought Brutus really wanted to kill Caesar, he was never full with the idea, till he got totally convinced, since he is easy to convince he ended up killing him anyway, he was also the last one to stab him, so He might have had doubts the whole time. In conclusion, if Brutus didn’t get ingulphed by Cassius’ ideas and maybe went with his heart he could have lived his life out to the fullest and not have died so soon, if he could have essay writing help university plymouth more control and not be deceived and easily tricked he could live his life out to thee fullest, but he did not do that. .

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