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Monday, October 23, 2017 2:13:53 PM

Milking the truth essays Milking the truth Many U.S. dairies have been questioned about the integrity of the milk they are distributing. The biggest concerns are the methods in which the cows are made to produce their milk. In the story written by Jane Akre about the milk producing drugs injected into the cows, she brings to question the safety of these milk producing drugs. Arkre uncovers the opinion of scientists who are not sure of the saftey of the milk producing drug called Posilaic. This is a very big issue that should not be overlooked, for the sake of our health and our future. The reason why scientists have a concern about the milk producing drugs is because the (F.D.A.) did very little testing on the Managers ability to motivate essay assistance term effects the drug has on humans who consume the altered milk. According to Akre’s report the cows that are injected with the milk producing need help writing my paper immigrating to the united states today almost always have more medical problems. These anamals also had more lameness, reproductive disorders, and udder infections. According to her published report, industry studies also found that milk from injected cows was diffrent from nature’s version, having higher amounts of a spin-off hormone, an insulin-like growth factor known as (IGF-1). This is known as one of the most powerful promoters of cell growth in all of nature. The danger we learn from this infomation is this growth factor will stimulate good and bad cells. The thought of accelerating the growth in cancer cells in our bodies is extremly bad for our health. The ergency to camaflauge the speculation of the effects by the drug’s maker, leads us to believe there is some problem with their usage. The maker of the milk producing drugs is Monsanto. Monsanto has tried to defuse the problem by claiming the drug is safe because the (FDA) has cleard its use. Monsanto claims Posilac is the largest selling dariy animal drug in America. According to the published report, Akre confirmed the news homework helper websites for watching the longest test for long term human cheap write my essay diseased body in wuthering heights

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