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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 1:39:37 PM

Impact of e-commerce upon strategy in the art industry essays ustry. The question is whether other sections of the art industry can, or will, follow the same trend. Part of the industry where more commercialisation is Hamlet soliloquy essay - Do My Term ?, is the commercial prints industry where companies such as Verkerke sell low-end, highly commercialised, or black-and-white prints. This industry focus's on the product, rather than the artist per se. 2.2 Factors shaping cheap write my essay nuclear radiation industry now Bargaining power of the buyer: To talk of the bargaining power of the buyer is really to talk about the bargaining power of the agent. The agents, who manage the role of seeking potential buyers for art, must understand the buyer's wants and be able to respond accordingly. They have developed extensive databases on regular patrons to the arts; they control the venue where the art is exhibited, the selling prices and in some instance even what the artist creates. This means that agents have considerable power in the art industry. This relationship benefits both parties though, as most artists prefer not to deal with managing art as business. As suc.

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