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Reebok audit essays . Reebok has several designs of shoes, but right now they are marketing the Classic tennis shoe, women?¦s fitness, kids, and basketball shoes. Reebok is making a push to sell their new Blacktop basketball shoe made for outdoor use. The shoe is a remake of an earlier version and will be sold exclusively at Foot Locker (Tedeschi, 2000). The Cheap write my essay study of shelf space for fmcg products shoe is also being designed for children. The new design should be ready by fall of 2000, just in time for school. In order to keep up with the buy essay online cheap mc donalds case in the shoe industry, Reebok is utilizing the advantages of DMX and 3D Ultralight in their shoes (Tedeschi, 2000). This will help them stay ahead of the industry in technology, and to keep a competitive advantage over Nike. ECONOMIC DATA Revenues The cheap write my essay swot muji reports sales to be totaled at $622.76 million in the fourth quarter on 1999 (Reebok Company Description, 2000). This is a drop in sales from the fourth quarter on 1998. The company?¦s earnings were reported to be $11.05 million, which also equates to being 0.4% of sales (Reebok Company Description, 2000). The company also carries a high debt to cheap write my essay study of shelf space for fmcg products ratio of 70%. Markets/Nations Served Currently the Reebok brand is in about 170 countries and territories (Reebok Annual Report, 1999). Some of the countries include, Austria, Belgium, Essay on advertising analysis, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Japan, and South Korea (Reebok Annual Report, 1999). There are also operations in India, Spain, and South Africa, and minority operations Brazil, and Singapore. The sales that are represented by markets outside the US are about 40% of the company?¦s total sales (Reebok Company Description, 2000). The biggest decline in sales over the last year was in Europe and the US, and an increase was only seen in the UK. There are about 186 total stores in the US including Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Normans stores. Employees Reebok currently e.

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