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Causes of Global Warming Essay There are many human generated factors responsible for global warming, the most significant of them being industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution. Global warming happen because of u.s. history and government writers for hire house effect, which is a result of mentioned human activities. In the succeeding essay we will understand the factors leading to global warming in detail. Following essay is written to cater to the need of those looking for a long essay on “Causes of Global Warming”. You can read out this Causes of Global Warming essay to get help in your study: Introduction. Global warming is a term used to indicate a rise in earth’s atmospheric temperature including its surface temperature as well as rise in the climatic temperature. Earth’s average temperature of 15 has been achieved because of the Sun’s heat trapped by naturally occurring green house gases in its atmosphere; a phenomenon termed as ‘Green House effect’. But in the gone decades a steady increase in earth’s average temperature has been documented given to an escalated green house effect because of human generated factors like industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution. These factors increase the intensity of green house effect further increasing earth’s temperature. Apart from human generated factors there are few natural causes also, responsible for global warming. An above average increase in earth’s climatic temperature may spell disaster for all the living species as well as threaten the very existence of earth itself. In this essay we will study in detail the human borne as well as natural causes responsible for global warming. Green house effect. The earth’s average temperature suitable for existence of all living species is around 15. This temperature is maintained with the help of green house gases. Earth has a natural concentration of green house gases- water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and ozone (O3). These gases trap Sun’s heat reflected from earth’s surface by preventing it from going back in space, which in turn maintains earth’s temperature. This is termed as ‘green house effect’. To understand it better, take the example of ‘green house’ – an enclosure made up of transparent material usually glass for providing regulated temperature to the plants. The heat from the sun reaches the inside of enclosure heating the surface below and the plants, but as the enclosure is not open to the atmosphere the heat is not able to escape, maintaining a constant heated environment suitable for the growth of plants. It is as similar to you sitting in a car on a sunny day with windows rolled up. You will soon start feeling the heat as the heat reaching the inside of the car will not be able to disperse in the atmosphere leading to a higher inside temperature. This similar effect is bought upon earth by green house gases. If the concentration of green house gases in the earth’s atmosphere remains constant then the average temperature will also be constant at unfortunately this is not the case and human activities like industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution, increase the concentration of green house gases further escalating the green house effect. An increased green house effect means an increase in earth’s temperature. A mere increase in earth’s average temperature is not as much threatening as a constant increase in temperature is. A constant increase in earth’s average temperature is noted every decade since 1960 with the past three decades being warmest. With the present rate, an increase of 4 is expected need help writing my paper the hidden agenda of new imperialism the end of this century, a considerable increase which might lead to disastrous consequences – extreme climate changes, depletion of species and food source, droughts and famine etc. Industrialization. Industrialization owes prime responsibility for global warming and changing climatic conditions across the globe. Many industries especially the coal and oil extraction industries produce heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Studies revealed that every year millions of tons of CO2 is produced by oil extracting industries around the globe. Also the large scale burning of fossil fuel also adds to the carbon emission increasing the concentration of potent green house gases. These green house gases produced as byproducts of industrialization add up to the natural concentration of green house gases, further increasing the green house effect. An increases green house effect means an increased earth’s temperature and climate change as its immediate consequence. With the present industrial practices and ineffective government policies the concentration of green house gases is on a steady increase and will lead to unexpected and unfavourable climate changes apart from other disastrous consequences. Fossil fuel extraction and use. Any human activity involving burning of fossil fuels and its extraction is a source of methane (CH4), a potent green house gas. Million tons of methane is produced by the oil extraction industries too. Fossil fuel activities involving their extraction, transportation or use produce methane as byproduct. Human activities involving fossil fuels contribute to 33% of atmospheric methane. By use of fossil fuel we contribute to millions tons of methane cheap write my essay interpersonal communication expelled into the atmosphere. Methane is also a prime byproduct of natural gas production. Coal industry is also plays an important role in release of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is trapped between the rocks which get released into the atmosphere when the rocks are broken for coal extraction. Environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is another prime reason which adds to the global warming by increasing the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. The waste from our houses and locality cheap write my essay african-american community and crime in philadelphia dumped in the landfills leading to large mounds of garbage. Such garbage dumps gets covered by the new garbage and so isolating the below lying waste from oxygen, an excellent condition for methane producing microbes. They break down the organic waste producing methane which is released freely into the atmosphere. Landfills around the world are alone known to produce around 55 million tons of methane annually. Apart from waste transportation industry also contributes to the release of potent green house gas- carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Every year million tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere as an exhaust gas form combustion engines of private and commercial vehicles. Forests help reducing the amount of carbon dioxide by transforming it into oxygen as well as trapping it in soil and other forms. With large amount of deforestation for industries and infrastructure development we are losing a natural air filter which prevents excess of potent green house gas – CO2 in atmosphere. Less forest mean more CO2, resulting in intensified green house effect and consequently leading to global warming. Forests are often burned down as a method of deforestation resulting in release of CO2 in the atmosphere. Chemical fertilizers. Increase in use of chemical fertilizers also results in global warming. The large scale use of nitrogen rich fertilizers than natural fertilizers has resulted in more heat trapping ability of the soil. Nitrous oxide traps heat 300 times more per unit volume than carbon dioxide, subsequently resulting in raised earth’s temperature. Agriculture and livestock. Paddy fields have abundance of water and organic matter and an environment deprived of oxygen, perfect for methane producing microbes. Also methane is produced in the digestive tract of livestock and with increasing number of livestock more methane is released into the atmosphere. Arctic seabed. Arctic seabed is a natural source 2009 ap english language and composition rhetorical analysis essay potent green house gas methane (CH4). Ice crystals contain a compound named methane clathrate with large amount of methane trapped inside. As this trapped methane escapes into the atmosphere, the global warming will also increase. Termite mounds. Methane is produced in the digestive system of termites which when released into the atmosphere adds to the global warming. Some places in African continent are well known for their huge termite mounds and could easily be identified by a stench help me do my essay the principles of te whaariki methane. Termites alone contribute to the generation of 23 million tons of methane annually. Conclusion. It is a fact that global warming is a consequence of human activities like industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution etc, but it is more a result of insensitive industrial practices and ineffective government policies. Every day activity of a normal human being has no effect of global warming, but the practices of profit oriented industrialists and government’s apathy towards the concern of global warming and climate change are the main culprit. With incessant industrial growth and absence of adequate measures to reduce the release of green house gases produced or to recycle them, the earth’s temperature is destined to rise. If we do not take adequate preventive measures now, then by the end of century we will witness a never before climatic english as second language essay ghostwriter services and extinction of species as a result of Global warming.

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