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Monday, October 30, 2017 5:46:50 PM

Reading-an escape from reality essays Reading is something cheap write my essay television and radio is important to social media today do when we want to escape from reality, even when we don’t realize this. We take a book into our hands and we close ourselves in a small world of dreams. Reading makes us forget our sorrows while we read those of others. It helps us realize there are things we are capable of doing, even when we are the only ones who believe in it. It also opens our eyes to our faults when we are cought up in the mean world. Everybody can escape from reality, but we all buy essay online cheap vicarious trauma. about different ways of doing it. Malcolm X utilizes reading as an escape from himself to improve himself. Malcolm states, “in the street, I had been the must articulate hustler out there”. This statement is Malcolm’s reality. When he reads this cheap write my essay television and radio is important to social media today reality he was trying to escape. Malcolm exclaims that until the reading of book came along, he thought he was imprisoned and only now does he truly feel that he is free on the contrary. Lance Morrow uses reading as an escape from the exterior world. Lance states, “During the war, I found shelter in books in the middle of the night”. This statement from the essay illustrates the escape from the outside world. Thus, Malcolm X and Morrow perceived reading as an escape. Secondly, Both Malcolm X and Lance Morrow use reading as an escape, Android application linked with server how to do an essay each in a different way. Malcolm X uses the dictionary as his tool. Everyday he would read and copy pages at a time, trying to educate himself and escape his own personal prison. He did this until he finished the entire dictionary. From his simple beginnings, he paper do my paper buy quality essay buy a paper go on to become very educated, and said “up to then, I never have been so truly free in my life”. Lance Morrow uses works of literature as an escape from the tragedies of the outside world. He uses Frost and Hemingway as examples of what one can use to escape. He says, “The books you keep for the middle of the night serve a deeply personal purpose, one of companionship.

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