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King philip's war essays ething often misunderstood is that the Puritans themselves were not separatists, in fact they left England with the firm help me do my essay film analysis: scarface vs. the departed of staying English, maintaining their cultural identity, and remaining faithful and true to the majesty of the homeland. They had left England with the desire of religious freedom, and with hope of having somewhere to practice freely and safely within the boundaries of English oriented society, but free of the sinful and heretical practices that were known to exist within it. (Andrews 64) This is in direct contradiction with the ways of the natives. Concurrently, as the Puritans intended on maintaining their way of life within the New World, a key goal roosevelt and handling the depression theirs was to avoid bringing great harm to the natives they would encounter. The English had witnessed the abuse of natives during the Spanish conquests and the harsh religious demands placed among non-Catholics in the Spanish Inquisition. The torture and destruction of the native of life had been incredibly embarrassing upon the Spanish people, and in all obviousness, phenomenally painful and paralyzing to the natives themselves. These “Spanish Cruelties” were not only in great opposition to the Puritan beliefs, but as one knows, the last thing the Cheap write my essay ethics in nursing wished to do would be to embarrass the great mother country of England. The Indians had an identity all their own, and were in many ways reluctant to open up to the English settlers, fearing the effects of their highly controversial way of life. Regardless, despite the devastating bouts with foreign disease that accompanied the settlers, and issues regarding the land the colonists claimed in the name of cheap write my essay reflective account to email king, the Indians were still relatively accepting and hospitable to the setting Puritans. (Drake 3) They tr.

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