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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 11:37:00 PM

Political unrest in colombia essays When most people think of the problems in Colombia, they believe they are drug related. The truth, however, is that Colombia has more problems than that. Over the last 38 years, the country has been involved in a civil war in which leftist rebels have been pitted against the government and other paramilitary groups. However, the paramilitary groups are now leaning towards peace talks and a cease-fire. It is possible that the last thirty-eight years of violence are about to come to a close. Back in the 1980’s, The United Self-Defense Forces of Cheap write my essay why are looks the last bastion of discrimination, a paramilitary group that called themselves the AUC, arose to defend the government against rebel kidnappers. This right-wing group was composed of drug traffickers and ranchers, and became increasingly brutal to both rebels and civilians as time progressed. These people have even been labeled as terrorists by the United States government, and are wanted on charges of drug trafficking. The leftist rebels groups, The Man in relationship to god essay Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and The National Liberation Army (ELN), began focusing their attention on attacks directed at the AUC. Thirty-eight years later, they are still fighting that same fight. All of that could change within the next few cheap write my essay why are looks the last bastion of discrimination, though. Carlos Castano, who commands about 70 percent of all paramilitary fighters including the AUC, has declared a cease-fire against the rebel groups. He claims the cease-fire is due to the fact that the government of President Alvaro Uribe is serious about cracking down on the rebels, and the paramilitary groups are no longer necessary. The only stipulation to the cease-fire is a request to the government for a guarantee that the AUC members will be protected from attacks by the rebels. Castano also holds that if attacked, the members will defend themselves. Castano claims that the AUC leaders are ready to sit down with the rebels and discuss a peace treaty. As a second leader of the AUC.

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