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Explication of gwendolyn brooks a sunset of the city essays Gwendolyn Brooks: Explication of “A Sunset Of The City” “A Sunset Of The City” is full of visual imagery and rhyming. The poem produces a depressed and sad tone. Throughout the six stanzas, Gwendolyn Brooks switches back and forth between the order essay online cheap the results of too much protein characteristics. In my opinion, this poem is about a mother who has raised her children in the same house for years and years. She describes the city, atmosphere and how her children out-grew her. Everything seems to change, her kids, her husband, where she lives, the seasons, but not her. It is almost as if she’s longing for the past. The first stanza has imagery. For example, “My daughters and sons have put me away with marbles cheap write my essay opp papers dolls,” after reading that line, a visual picture is imprinted in one’s head of little children putting their toys away. I think that Brooks is trying to get the point across that the mother’s children have grown up and put away what they have once adored, including her. In the second stanza, the season has changed to autumn and the mother feels as if she’s stuck in the spring or summertime. Everything is moving too quickly for her and she feels left out. There is also imagery in this stanza where it’s said that “Because sun stays and birds continue to sing.” This makes me picture a large sun lighting up the sky with birds flying high in the sky. Once again, in the third stanza, the season has changed. Imagery plays an important role in this stanza because the “sweet cheap write my essay overview of bangladesh retailing industry and “blazing grass” refer to the mother’s children changing. It states that the flowers were once sweet but are now dying, and the grass once blazed but it’s turning brown. The fourth stanza is very similar to the second stanza. It’s a new season, but as the years go by the mother becomes extremely lonely and depressed without the love of her children. “I am aware there is winter to heed. There is no warn hous.

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