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Monday, October 23, 2017 12:16:02 AM

Platos view of knowledge essays Plato’s view of Knowledge I believe that one of the most interesting parts of this course was learning Uva darden mba essay topic analysis 2017 2018 view of knowledge. He basically believed that there was a nature behind the knowledge. He believed that in order to have true knowledge you first had to have evidence of something, believe it, and then it be true. Knowledge was the correspondence, connection, and relationship between reality and the extra mental reality. In order to have knowledge there also must be a knower present. This whole idea may seem like it doesn’t really matter in the whole idea of things but it really is important. I find it interesting especially in this part of my life because we seem to be surrounded with people who are so much more knowledgeable than ourselves. It’s very intimidating, but Cheap write my essay street smart versus book smart idea of the nature of knowledge helped me to not feel so inferior. Many people in a college scenery may seem very knowledgeable, but not have anything to back it up, causing it to Letter from an american farmer we write your essay be true knowledge that they possess. For example, everyone wants to give the impression that they are smart in all subject areas in college. Many students in class will even ask pointless questions that are irrelevant just to seem like they have knowledge on a subject. Plato’s view is interesting to me because it takes more than words to be knowledgeable. The student must also be able to prove their knowledge as well as believe it and it be true. In college, we are all here to learn. Nobody is all around knowledgeable Samurai and knights dbq essay they wouldn’t need to be here. To an extent, I think everyone wants to give the impression that they are very smart. College then becomes an intimidating game. Someone doesn’t just possess knowledge as far as Cheap write my essay donflores mt499 02 unit3outcomeproject2 concerned. Knowledge is something acquired that is learned with significant evidence to back it up. Plato’s view is very interesting to me for these reasons. .

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