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Friday, October 13, 2017 2:40:21 AM

Skipping class essays A Problem Americans Pretend to Care About In "America Skips School," Benjamin Barber makes the audience realize we have major flaws in our educational programs through facts, example, and solutions. He addresses the problem America is facing with declining test scores of American adults. Barber feels that the cheap write my essay support children and young person positive behaviour of poor education is the professional research paper ghostwriters website uk of concern Americans have for their education and their children's. Americans do not value education more than they value entertainment. Barber concluded his essay with numerous answers for what Americans can do, and who is to blame for the lack of education our country suffers from. Benjamin Barber starts his essay with shocking and depressing facts. He states that over 90 million adults in America lack simple literacy. Those 90 million are parents of children that will shortly be in control of help me do my essay oacar schindler future. His essay made the audience aware of how many are uneducated. Who is to blame for the lack of education? According to Barber it is society. In today's society, children are watching as their parents with college degrees are struggling to survive while people with no college or little education pull in million of dollars playing sports or being part of the entertainment business. An example of how our society does not favor education is the salary of teachers. In order to become a teacher one must go through college and earn a masters degree help me do my essay oacar schindler they finish college. We value teachers to a great extent that they earned a starting salary of about $26,639 in 1999 ( While an actor collects anywhere from one million to twenty million per movie. If Americans valued education our teachers would get paid more to insure that our children receive a better education. For an example look at all the money Louisville has spent to lure a professional basketball team. That is money they could of spent improving the educational progr.

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