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Norsemen mythology and it's culture essays Many Cultures develop myths, legends, or stories to explain what seemed to them as an unexplainable action. One of these cultures, the Norsemen, also compiled myths to explain summer and winter and other such instances. Also, as in a myth’s usual ingredients, they also include morals or lessons, god/goddess intervention, and heroes. Some even have universal statements, critical lens statements that are sayings or quotes. One Norsemen myth is the story of Niord, the God of Summer. The characters mentioned in the story are Niord, I will pay someone to do my assignment guidelines, Odin, Hoenir, Skadi, Frey, Freya, & Balder. The only example of God/Goddess intervention is when the Gods on Loki had unfortunately met Skadi, Goddess Write my graduate paper Winter, whose father was killed. She was then swayed to a more pleasant mood they took advantage and agreed that she could marry on of the Gods, but only can only choose by feet. This story was mainly about how a God, Niord, got married to someone who was the complete opposite of himself. They did their best to keep the marriage afloat but each living in the other’s world upset the other. They did have two children, named Frey and Freya. They then mutually agreed that their marriage wasn’t meant to be and basically had a divorce. One quote that doubles as a critical lens statement is “She felt that these feet must be of the God Balder, for wales and england 1780-1886 essay had a body to marvel at, but unfortunately noted that it was the feet of Niord, but not showing her disappointment.” This quote principally means that though a person may seem to be perfect, we all in an essence have a flaw. This connects to the man of the Greeks, Achilles. He too had a flaw for which is his Achilles heal and this is what lead to his downfall. Another quote which i will pay someone to do my assignment guidelines a critical lens statement is “… and the howling of the wolves had greatly made his stay in his wife’s terrain unbearable.” This quotes meaning is that a person who is obligated to change his/her complete usually spel.

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