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Interview with a police officer essays I think that being a policeman is the hardest job anyone can be. Police officers have to work in any conditions. Many locations, which range from towns and countrysides, to urban areas of all size, are working grounds for police officers. Working conditions vary according to location, size. Those who work in small towns and rural communities face problems different from those met by their counterparts in larger cities. There are differences in pace, types of criminals encountered, availability of manpower, and services needed to provide enough police protection to the public. But all police officers, regardless of where they work, share certain problems; they constantly deal with human suffering, yet must always maintain self-control, and act in a calm, efficient manner. Qualifications needed to become a police officer vary from agency to agency, city to city, and state to state. Some qualifications The Perfect Essay Writing Help From True Academics pretty standard: A minimum of twenty-one years of age, a U.S. citizen, a high school diploma, a clean criminal record, a valid drivers license, and good physical and mental health. They face danger, cheap write my essay royal ideology in ancient israel, and frustration daily, but can do little to prevent it from happening. They also share the problem of long irregular hours, and, in some communities, a lack of public support for police officers. Police officers conducting patrol or carrying out other assignments, work outdoors in all types of weather. Some officers help me do my essay britain and its level of democracy special duty may perform their duties indoor at police buildings. Depending on the size of the department, police officers work alone or may have a partner. Because police agencies operate twenty-four hours a day, officers are usually required to work five day rotating shifts, including holidays and weekends. Police officers are on call at all times, and, during periods emergencies or manpower shortages, are required to work more hours. All police officers, regardless where work or the size of the depar.

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