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Colonial communities essays Colonial Communities September 12, 1770-Day After Mourning During my first few weeks in America I learned some fascinating facts about this Newfoundland. Although varying from place to place, most communities in America, most traditions from England are still held here in America. Although usually the towns where centered around groups of settlers from similar countries, religions or even, backgrounds. As the frontier became open it strengthened and people left the small centered communities. Sometimes settlers received land for there own private use. Quilting Bees September 18, 1770-Day of Saint Seph: Sent back the demons of the help me do my essay university exclusivity a few harsh weeks of sitting on a saddle I finally got to one of the greatest colonies known for making quilts. These fine ladies don’t have much time for leisure do to there hard labor, (suddenly a note from September 13, 2004 says- kind of sounds like the men today) so instead of leisure they would do there work but in a grouply manner. They’d all sit around a table covered in cloths and thread and they would sit there making huge quilts. These quilt parties or Quilting Bees, would usually take up to 2 or 3 days to complete. Families September 25, 1770-Day of Saint Tension: who rid the world of evil. A day in the life of a family, aaa what a wonder it is here. I finally got around to watching a family for a day and I got to tell you it was weird. If you where in a family here in America you’d probably have a pretty big family (I wouldn’t want one but hey they do what they want). During the day the men worked the fields until sundown when they came inside for supper, while the woman usually worked inside the house. Children just do what there told to do. Parents, stepparents, grandparents, children, stepchildren, and orphans all lived in the same family. I got to tell you it was one crowded esl essays proofreading sites usa on the Frontier December 6, 1770-Day of Saint Scorpio: who poiso.

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