How to stop gang violence essay

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 7:05:08 PM

The rising level of carbon dioxide essays The rising level of carbon dioxide is threatening human life. If the level of carbon dioxide continues to rise, people would have to retreat inland. Today the level of carbon dioxide continues to rise. People would have to retreat inland, because of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The concentration of carbon dioxide is rising, and this will lead to a rise in the sea level. Then sea level will rise and rise until the sea level rises to two hundred feet above the present sea level. To blame for this are we the people who use and produce coal, oil, and gas. We the people are Essay on Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol villains ourselves when we burn coal, oil, and gas for energy. We are also being villains when we cut our forests to make farmland. These buy essay online cheap critical reflective essay are connected because the burning of how to stop gang violence essay and oil produces acid rain and helps destroy forests. Some additional carbon get someone write my paper aristotle and his theories may be absorbed by the soil or by the how to stop gang violence essay, and some might be consumed by plant life. In the last two centuries trees have been disappearing at sixty-four acres per second. This means that less and less carbon dioxide is being absorbed from the atmosphere every second. To prevent this from happening people should look for new ways to generate energy. For example we can use nuclear fusion, the energy of waves, tides, winds, solar power, and the earth’s interior heat. These are only a few things that we can use to generate power. Since people do not want to shut down factories and lose profits, people will just not change from oil and gas to wind or solar generated power ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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