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Sexual violence against women essays from harassment in the workplace because of sex by his or her employer or agent of writing my research paper the search for wisdom employer or by another employee. Sexual harassment can be verbal, visual, psychological and possibly physical, that may go as far as rape. It is not at any one level or class. Men that are accused often deny the charges are never willing to deal with what they have done. Because of this, most women will often find it hard to go against them. You must tell the harasser 'NO," and explain in a very serious way that their behavior is not acceptable. Keep a journal, and record any event and time they occurred. You may even have a witness. Ask around to see if the person is harassing anyone else. Then, homework help online teachers supplies further to report it to your employer or even further to the Human Rights Essays and reserch paper and discussion stuff. It is important for women to be strong and you must act immediately! You don't want to wait, for you cannot let a harasser get away with something like this. Why put yourself in a possibly dangerous situation. Act right away! Other forms of sexual violence against women include incestuous relations. Incest is a topic society does not wish to discuss, even though it occurs everyday. It is difficult for many women to deal with the fact that they have been raped, sexually abused, or harassed by their own relatives and loved ones. It will haunt them for .

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