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Greek evolution and its decline essays Introduction: Among all the peoples of the ancient world, one whose culture most clearly exemplified the spirit of Western society was the Greek or Hellenic. No other people had so strong a devotion to freedom or so firm a belief in the nobility of human achievement. The Greeks glorified humanity as the most important Lesson plan: how to write an essay introduction: in the universe and refused to submit to the dictates of priests or despots. The Greek view of cheap write my essay i like me world was predominantly secular and rationalistic; it exalted the spirit of free inquiry and preferred knowledge to faith. With only a limited cultural inheritance from the past upon which to build the Greeks produced intellectual and artistic monuments that have serve ever since as standards of achievement. The Dark Ages: The fall of the Mycenaean civilization resulted in overwhelming change for the Hellenic world. It ushered in a period that is known as the Dark ages which lasted from 1150 to 750 BC (lecture notes ancient Greece pg. 3). Records were lost and the culture reverted to a simpler from. Given the lack of writing or physical remains, the Greek society during the Dark ages is scarce, almost all of it coming from inferences drawn from the Iliad and the Odyssey derived from the epic poems of Homer who wrote the heroic masterpiece. Political Developments: Political patterns were very simple. Village communities were autonomous. The rulers were called basileus, which is Greek for king; which was no more than a little tribal leader who commanded the local army. The bulk of the myceanaen inhabitants lived in extended villages where they worked either land or land held by nobles or kings. Agriculture and herding were the basic occupations of free men. Slavery existed, male slave were relatively few in numbers because the source of supply was war prisoners. Women, including worked in the home their main function was to custom essay services writing spider myths debunked adhan youtube children and manage the home, where a women was restricted.

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