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The landlords of the ocean essays THE LANDLORDS OF THE OCEAN Have you ever thought about the landlords of the oceans? There is a saying: "Big fish eats the smaller ones." The most powerful and deadly animals who taste the freedom of the sea world are whales. So many kinds of whales exist. One of the most interesting kinds is the bottle-nosed whale. It is no wonder why they are given this name. Their bulbous forehead and elongated snout give them a unique character. Besides these unique physical characteristics, they have other special qualities as well including their rarity and their enormous size. Northern species and southern species are the two types of bottle-nosed whales that are categorized by the difference in their size, living habitats and mating seasons. Starting from the physical appearance, the first distinction is the difference in size between northern bottle-nosed whale and southern bottle-nosed whale. The northern self reliance essay by emerson pdf whales have a longer body compared to the southern ones. Their bodies reach to a maximum length of 32ft and average 7.5 metric tons of weight. On the other cheap write my essay nuclear radiation, the southern species grow to a maximum of 25ft in length and average of 7 metric tons. The second obvious distinction is the difference in their color. Northern species are cheap write my essay swot analysis woolworths with a lighter underside and a pale band around the neck. The color of southern species varies more; they have blue-black, gray, brown or yellow bodies and light-colored snouts and undersides. However, they share a common treat, cheap write my essay swot analysis woolworths have two conical teeth in the lower jaw and females have no teeth. In short, the size, color and the shape of bottle-nosed whales vary according to where they are found. The second quality is their living habitats. Both of the species usually inhabit cold waters deeper than 3000ft. They are most often observed in deep trenches or canyons in the sea floor. Northern bottle-nosed whales live in the North Atlantic. Significant populations are found in a v.

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