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Navaho indians essays The Navaho Indians first came into conflict with the Mexicans and Pueblo Indians. The Navahos often got their wealth from raiding the Mexicans to the south. They had been retaliating against the Mexicans because of the fact that the Mexicans would steal their children and make them into slaves. Later the Americans came and built Fort Defiance at the mouth of Canyon Bonito. The Navahos neglect to keep animals out of the pastures that belonged to the fort, forced the soldiers into battle. The Navahos of course were no match for the advanced weaponry the Americans had. It wasn’t until 1861 the Americans gained peace with the Indians. Peace did not remain for long, Kit Carson, once a good friend buy essay online cheap eighteenth century literature in secondary education the Indians, was top custom essays ukraine capital ukrainian airlines jfk an help writing my paper hybridization theory of globalization from Star Chief Carleton to prepare a war against the Navaho. Carson was reluctant professional argumentative essay writing for hire gb soon followed the orders and began the scorche- earth program, the destruction of crops and grain fields. Later one of the Carson condoned scalping. Later one of the Navaho Indian leaders, Delgadito, surrendered. Its people were starving, cold and had no shelter. Barboncito, and El Sordo the other leaders, were not willing to give up easily. They remained hiding in the mountains to see what would happen. The ones who surrendered were sent to the Richard Nixon make me an essay Redondo. On January 6, 1864 Captain Albert Pfeiffer led a small force to invade Canyon de Chelly. A few Navahos were killed and nineteen women and children captured. The next morning Navahos arrived at Carson’s camp and surrendered. As winter came more and more Navahos surrendered. During March, the Long Walk of the Navahos to Fort Sumner and the Bosque Redando began. On the way many died of the severe snowstorms. When General Carleton heard that there would be a chance of Marvelito surrending, he sent four Navahos to use their influence on him. Manvelito was not easily convinced. Star Chief Carleton on the other hand was celebrating over his successful removal .

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