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Persuasive speech - road rage essays Attention Step I. Attention getting device Did any of you here ever have a problem with road rage? Did any of them ever drive aggressively against you, like cut you off, or project any type of obscenities toward you, or even tried to physically harm you? Over 85 percent of road ragers said that they would have forgotten about the matter if the other driver would have apologized. II. Relate topic to audience The average number of incidents per road rager is 27. That means most of you will encounter this situation more than a few times in your life. The U.S. Highway Safety Office has top admission essay writer for hire au to Congress that tens of thousands of accidents each year are linked directly to aggressive drivers, including road rage, which is now a leading cause of death for young help writing my paper stereotyping in the way we lie by stephanie ericsson. I am always on the go and out and about I have seen many incidents of road rage out there. I am also well informed, so if I am not seeing it personally I am seeing it on the news. IV. Specific purpose statement/preview main points 1. First Point (Need Step) Something small and insignificant can lead to your death, even worse another person’s death because of something you may have done. 2. Second point There are a top admission essay writer for hire au and simple ways to avoid road rage. Need Step I. Statement Road rage can range from and argument or even death. II. Illustration Just a few days ago in Boise a man killed a family of.

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