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Monday, October 30, 2017 2:08:33 PM

Bay psalm reader essays In John Cotton’s Preface to The Bay Psalm Reader, he brings up the idea that while the people need to have access to the psalms, the scriptures should not be written in such flowery language as to detract from the meaning and religious truths behind them. He says “Conscience rather than Elegance, fidelity rather than poetry. If therefore the verses are not always so smooth and elegant as some may desire or expect; let them consider that God’s Altar needs not our polishings.” His idea, and the general attitude of the Puritan “higher-ups” is decidedly Protestant in nature (God will accept your flaws as long as you work hard to serve Him) However, what I find is so interesting about this idea is how greatly differs from the ideas that are present in the Native American pieces that we read thus far. Cotton buy essay online cheap stowaways to us the idea that for a person to truly worship God, he must understand God’s words. This is a complete turnaround from our previous readings where to a great extent, the presentation (oral or not) is an offering to (the) God(s) and thus is beautiful. It is an interesting conundrum. Does one serve their buy essay online cheap electoral systems in the caribbean better by understanding a clear translation or passing on an elaborate story, one that has multiple hidden interpretations and meanings? Elaborate is also open to interpretation as it is a subjective piece of terminology in this case. Dissertation introduction writers for hire online one, I feel that many of the psalms such as psalm 137, are elaborate in the language they employ. Phrases such as “Our harps we did hang it amid, upon the willow tree.” Evoke beautiful images. From the readings of the Native American poetry and the scripted version of the creation performance, we can tell that they are obviously elaborate. The very fact that it is a performance piece makes it elaborate. Stanzas such as “Yet only like these am Buy essay online cheap electoral systems in the caribbean to be/ Like flowers continually perishing. / Will my name endure anywhere?” Perhaps the comparison is an unf.

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