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The african american vivil rights movement essays s fundamental for plantation owners and the South??s economy. So as the North abolished slavery, the South did not change, resulting in the North consisting of Free States, and the South upholding the institution of slavery. This Phd Thesis Ppt | English essay help ? difference was what brought about the first landmark cases dealing with the situation of African Americans and their rights before the law, even before the Civil War. It must be noted that the emancipation of slaves was already put into practice before the Civil War. For example in 1860 three thousand slaves were freed voluntarily by their mastersand a total of 500,00 free Blacks lived in the United States of America at the start of the Civil War. This, however, did not demonstrate any large-scale emancipation. As a freedman, the former slave found himself even more repressed than when in slavery. While enslaved, he was so far inferior Phd Thesis Ppt | English essay help ? the white man that he cause and effect on child abuse essay not a threat. Once freed, however, the white man feared the slave and saw his own social supremacy in Essay On Social Problem. The white population n.

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