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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:07:04 PM

China women essays Women of China China carries the biggest population in this world. The population is increasing day by day and China is how feared that China is not able to support the population. “Women who will not volunteer for abortions maybe dragged off by force,” says QiMie from Cheap write my essay a little knowledge is a dangerous thing meaning. The one-child policy introduces in 1979 is a law that families are only allowed to have only one child or may have another child in five years later depending on how much money the family have to support the children. Qi Mie says in some places in China, “women who become pregnant illegally were constantly harassed.” Women in China are suppose to get a “birth permit” when they get married in case of pregnancy. Abortion and the use of ultrasound in China are legal but women can not use the ultrasound for the purpose of knowing if it is a boy or not. Majority of the aborted fetuses is girls. A child that was born against the law suffers a lot. They are not allowed to have any access with school, medical care and other social benefits. The children end up in the orphanages, which the percentage of surviving is very low. In 1995, a British documentary team began to attack sixteen orphanages. Most of the girls in the orphanage were just left there to die. Since that incident, China claimed almost four million to improve the orphanages, but people say the conditions with treating the children have changed just a little. The one- child policy caused the gender disparity in China to grow unfortunately. Daughters traditionally join their husband’s family after marriage, and are therefore seen as a waited investment. Many women in China of the age of nineteen are arranged to get married with the man that parents would find. Parents cheap write my essay great depression paper find the husband though a matchmaker and give the daughter a choice of refusing or not. Young women are often kidnapped and smuggled to distant provinces where need help writing my paper we must stop global warming are sold assignment satisfaction key quote maker much older illiterate farmers for ar.

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