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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 9:41:51 PM

Touch me essays “TOUCH ME” The novel Touch Me by James Maloney explores a variety of themes that are extremely evident in our own lives and our society today. Through the forging of relationships, development medical school entrance essay characters and experiences throughout the novel, themes such as social conformity, masculinity, death and the forging of friendships are expressed and explored. The theme of social conformity somewhat runs throughout the whole novel "Touch Me" it creates a centre or a basis on which the rest of the characters or storyline are built. A prime example of social conformity is evident when examining the experiences between Xavier and his footy mates. Xavier’s football mates are typical 18 year old boys, they are somewhat self centred and don’t seem to like venturing out of there own small friendship group, they medical school entrance essay in the familiar and seem to reject the unknown, when Xavier is dropped from the football team to the seconds his relationship with his other football mates appears to slowly fade. Xavier works hard to keep in shape and maintain his football skills so he feels in place and up to scratch with the other members of the team. When Xavier starts to develop feelings and a relationship with Nuala his football friends reactions and attitudes toward her are somewhat dismal, Nuala isn’t the usual type of girl that a football player like themselves would date and Xavier ones again feels that pressure medical school entrance essay conform to there own order essay online cheap christianity and prostitution in the middle ages and standards and questions his feeling for Nuala. Another factor when exploring social conformity in the novel "Touch me" is that of Nuala’s choice to dress like a boy. By dressing like a boy Nuala appears not be conforming but it later becomes evident that her own false sense of security and her desperation for social conformity is being displayed by her dressing as a boy. Masculinity and the feeling of normality is another important theme which is displayed through James Maloney’s .

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