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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 3:12:16 PM

Communications essays In my first learning to learn paper I wrote of the problems I have my communication skills, specifically my listening skills and how they are lacking. What I learned in writing that paper was that I still had much to do in the overcoming those problems. In conversation I find that my mind has a tendency to wander and sometimes I find myself not paying attention at all. This can depend who I am talking to at the time; if I feel that the person and the subject is important I will try to focus on the conversation, while if I feel that what they are saying does not really interest me I oftentimes find myself not paying any attention at all and ultimately blocking them out. I know that while this may be unintentional I still must work on improving my listening skills. "Most people overlook listening, meaning that they give little thought to listening, they think it just happens (Seiler and Beall 141)." I need to be able to not only listen but concentrate on what the speaker is saying, rather essay on professional career goals simply letting my mind wander or think of what I will say next. What I have learned is that I am a passive listener, someone who merely listens to the words rather than actually thinking about them or, sometimes, even responding to them. This is not only a valuable social skill, but also crucial to one's success in their career: "Effective listening is the communication skill they believed most contributes to job success need help writing my paper inclusive education and Beall 141)." I am planning to apply what I have learned to start listening for meaning. I hope that this will not only aid in help writing my paper legal and political environments college life but also in social situations. I have learned that there is a big difference between simply hearing and actively listening: "Listening is active, whereas hearing is passive (Seiler and Beall, 143)." It is my intention to become an active listener. I think that when I am actually able to pay format of an essay writing and actually comprehend and absorb the information I hear my communi.

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