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Civil rights movement essays . Better jobs equal better pay. They started sending their children to colleges. These children/students are the people that were a major driving force of the Movement. Also, the jobs that the Labor Relations help with writing essay got in steel mills and auto plants, led to their involvement in Unions. This teaching the blacks the importance of acting collectively. Also, the blacks encouraged the unions to support the movement. When working in unions, (1) Identifying Scholarly Resources AND (2) Conducting a Library Search mba essay writing pay is usually better than non-union jobs. The blacks used the money earned from these job to fund the NAACP and to establish strong churches. These would all be major driving forces of roman architecture essay frank sear Movement. In 1954 the Supreme Court made a landmark decision in Brown vs. Board of Education. The NAACP brought a suit against the board of education in Topeka, Kansas when a young girl, Linda Brown, was bused a mile to a black school instead of going to the school three blocks away from her house. In the decision, the Supreme Court stated that separate educational facilities were "inherently unequal" and ruled that states must take action to desegregate. Even with the ruling from the Finance - British Petroleum Essay Court, the South resisted. A year later, Decembe.

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