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Friday, October 20, 2017 7:30:58 PM

France vs america essays At the head of the Executive branch are the President and the Prime Minister. The presidential powers, as stated in the French constitution, are to preside over the cabinet, command armed forces, conclude treaties, and submit referendum to the National Assembly as well as to dissolve it if Affective Symptomatology in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry? website that writes essay for you. While these powers are very similar to the powers of the American president, there are two major powers that distinguish the French president from the pianist roman polanski essay American president: the French president can assume full powers in cases of emergency as well as completely dissolve the National Assembly. The French president dissolving the National Assembly would be comparable to the president of the United States dissolving Congress. This type of executive power would never be found in America because of the fact that it dangerously impedes on America’s ideal of the separation of powers. The other important component of the Executive branch is the cabinet, which is headed by the Prime Minister. The parliament meets for one nine-month session and is compose.

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