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Sunday, October 29, 2017 6:18:24 PM

Coventry canal essays “All the sources prove that life was very hard for boatees on British Canals in the 19th Century”. I have been given five sources, I will examine them and use my own knowledge to prove how accurate the statement above is. Firstly, source one is a census return of the boats and who lived on them. This source proves that ‘life was hard’ because the barges had big accommodation with large families but they were only 6ft by 9ft. It was very hard for families that big to live in barges this small. Second is source two. A poster of a Coventry canal caution. The steerer of a boat, Henry Woodward, tried to ‘Invade the Toll, Payable to the Coventry canal company’ but did not succeed in doing this. This source proves that it was hard to live on a canal in the 19th century because if Woodward was invading the canal, then I could not have been easy living in conditions which included crime and invasion. I cannot find any other evidence in this source. Now I Steps to writing a grant proposal essay examples onto source three, a photo of a family with six members, Steps to writing a grant proposal essay examples probably all lived on the same boat. The two adults (both women) and four children don’t look professional writing services charleston wv obituaries wealthy and look very sad, depressed. This source proves the statement because it is a family which obviously, lives on a boat which isn’t big enough for them all to live in. Source 4 is a campaign about childrens health and safety on the canal. This source proves ‘life was hard’ because of the same reason as source three, there is not enough room in the boats for a big family. Children should not have to sleep on tables, in cupboards and under a bed, they need there own space to grow up in. .

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