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Monday, October 30, 2017 8:02:19 PM

Dare essay essays D.A.R.E Essay I have learned WORLD FICTION AND CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY custom essay writer much in D.A.R.E about drug awareness that I feel so much more confident to never do drugs. I am so lucky my family doesn’t smoke or do drugs because they would have a better chance of getting killed or sick by them. My parents dont smoke but someone I love does. My uncle Dale had been smoking for at least fifty four years and smokes 8-10 packs a day. He usually got sick and cant move that fast and also has weak bones. When ever I am around him he always coughed and had a roughly sounded voice. Dale also had trouble walking every five minutes, he always has to sit on a chair. Ever since he started smoking his asthma is twice as bad. On the day after Christmas he was moving buy essay online cheap organizational behavior and concepts he couldn't carry anything so he called my grandparents to do it. He has been a good impression on me not to smoke. Everywhere you go it seems like everybody smokes. How did it get so popular?DARE is so important to lay down the facts and to save peoples future. Lastly i have a question for you. Why would drug dealers sale you something that can kill you WORLD FICTION AND CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY custom essay writer money more important than life? Thank you for your time. Oh yeah my uncle past away tonight January 2 2005 of lung cancer from the fifty four years wasted of his life smoking. I no if he had dare he would learn to say no and to never toxicate your body. sincerely, .

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