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Friday, October 27, 2017 8:41:50 PM

American image - argumentative essay essays That Australia should not blindly adopt American practices. Ocker, easy-going, fair, honest. These characteristics are considered typically Australian. Compare them to the American image: smart, fast, cunning, high stressed and you will see how very opposed the two Any type an essay online really are. If you were to take a drive down the street today and take note of the numerous American images, brand names and fast food chains, you could be overwhelmed. It would be to the advantage of Australia to guard its unique culture. It is arguable that a country with such a level of cultural development should not, without evaluation, endorse the practices of a completely different culture. While bringing up children, parents must try to teach them as much about life as possible. They inform the children about their beliefs and philosophies. As the children grow they consider these beliefs and adopt the ones that suit them and also discover some of their own. If they were to just imitate their parents in everything that they do, they would lose their individuality. Could you imagine if this were to happen to Australia. If Australia were to embrace the customs and the habits of America without any evaluation on whether they were suitable or not, then we would just become a miniature clone of America with no self image or uniqueness. The American influence subtly starts in early childhood where Australian toddlers start buy essay online cheap monkey-the journey to the west words such as biscuits, lollies and dollars for cookies, candy and bucks after seeing 'Sesame Street' regularly. Of course smoking argumentative essay writing using homework help online ordering is fine pay to write paper for research Americans to use these words but when buy essay online cheap monkey-the journey to the west begin to take the place of Australian words, it affects the national identity. Something that is important to a nation are their easily distinguishable images. In India, for example, the majority of the population are strong believers in Buddhism and have a strict dress code. The Australian image of a laid-back, easy-going Aussie .

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