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Monday, October 23, 2017 10:12:01 AM

Rhetorical analysis essays Rhetorical Analysis: "Am I Blue?" Throughout history, horses have been symbols of power and grace. Enormous herds of mustangs where once seen galloping on the American frontier. Alice Walker brings you to her reality, with the story of a beautiful horse named Blue. She uses great imagery, personification and socially thought provoking analogies to build emotional cheap write my essay investment avenues for her central ideas and effectively persuade you to see her point of view. She incorporates her techniques so well that one is left with cheap write my essay as a nursing student i have opened a do entirely new, or at the very least, greatly supported view of a horses life and animal captivity. The Story Am I Need help do my essay it looks nice starts off with Alice Walker in the first person, recalling a time she spent renting a small house in the country. Soon after, she discovered a horse by the name of Blue strolling the grass plain, occasionally being ridden by the nearby children who owned him. Alice eventually approaches the horse one day and feeds it an apple, reestablishing her ability for subtle communication. From this, she got a sense of how truly lonely Blue was. She continued to feed Blue apples sporadically, and developed a friendly relationship with the horse. One day Alice noticed another horse on the five acres, standing alone in the distance. The next time Alice encountered the strange brown horse, it was with blue, and Alice noticed a look of newfound independence cheap write my essay cis375 wk4 asgnmt2 emmanuel mitchell Blue’s eyes. Those same eyes turned to grief and disgust when one day Alice noticed that Blue’s companion was gone. She realized the brown horse was only brought within the five acres to mate, and then be taken away again. She concludes her story with a scene of a meal. As she took a bite of meat, she spit it out in reaction to her disgust of animal cruelty. Alice Walker’s extraordinary use of imagery, effectively creates scenes of beautiful country life in the readers mind. One can magnificently picture "a buy essay online cheap law franchising in china meadow" running strait from a porch "into the .

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