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Friday, October 20, 2017 6:37:01 AM

Native american sports mascots essays Every sports team has a team mascot. The mascot has been around for ages, bringing school spirit and power to a team. So, obviously when a mascot is chosen, it must have certain qualities. Some of these qualities include power, aggressiveness, strength and quickness. As team mascots go, the Native Americans are the only ethnic group ever chosen as a mascot. These mascots are usually based on inaccurate descriptions or qualities of Native Americans. I have chosen some articles on this issue of offensive team mascots towards Native Americans. Every article I have read talks about how Native Americans are depicted with stereotypes. These stereotypes are inaccurate historically and presently. Many of the team names at first, may sound harmless. Teams such as “Chiefs,” “Warriors,” “Indians,” and sometimes tribal names such as the “Seminoles.” As you think of ethnic slurs, “Indian” and even “chief” comes to mind for the Native Americans. Many times, just the team name is offensive with names like “Savages,” or “Redskins.” Charles Fruehling Springwood, Buy term paper writing service Illinois Weselyan University assistant professor of Anthropology, “estimates that animals and Native American symbols are the two cheap write my essay comparing ifrs to gaap paper common sports team mascots.” Springwood has co-edited a book about this titled “Team Spirits.” These articles have shown that not only are team names offensive but the images and skits played out by mascots can be far more racist. Many supporters of these mascots buy essay online cheap the collapse of the ottoman empire that if anything they are respecting and honoring Native Americans with these. But as Tom Wanamaker points out in his article “Let the Games Begin”, “How can someone claim that a caricature or symbol is meant as an “honor” if the people it is supposed to honor are offended by it?” He also believes these pro-mascot people are somewhat unaware and uninformed on these issues. He talks of how mascots wear feathers and face .

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