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Barco analysis essays Barco Projection Systems Division needs to assess their market segmentation on the basis of product segmentation which recognizes their brand equity and not solely on the current basis of scan rate. BPS initially distinguished itself from its competitors on the basis of superior scan rate but this singular product attribute is not a sufficient basis for winning future market share. Competitors, such as Sony, have a greater market share with products that have lower scan rates than those offered by Barco. For best academic essay ghostwriter website us, Sony holds a forty-nine percent market share in the data market with the 1031 which only scans at 35 kHz. Meanwhile, BPS offers machines with lower scan rates. At the same time, BPS derives the crux of their sales, both i need to buy a research paper 911 unit and revenue in this market. This would indicate that higher scan need help do my essay advent of industrialization do not accurately predict success within a market segment. Barco has a great deal of brand equity that needs to be better leveraged. Instead of trying to compete in the marketplace with products that have higher scan rates and lower prices, BPS needs to better understand the importance of their brand equity. BPS has a reputation as a technological leader in the high end and their products custom essay writing service professays blogger significado de palabras consistently above its competitors’ in key dimensions of performance. Their products are well established in a variety of entertainment, training and presentation markets. These markets represent much different end users than those in other markets. Purchase behaviours would indicate that their customers prefer products that reflect strong positive associations of brand image. Instead of lowering their prices in response to speculation about the price of Sony’s new 1270 ‘superdata’ projector, BPS needs to maintain this element of brand distinction that targets customers’ preferences. Barco must continue to distinguish itself as a technological leader that offers high performance products for a price that set.

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