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The importance of logical reasoning in reading essays text that contains easy words to convey complex concepts. We will have difficulties in comprehending. If the words that writer tries to use is obscure, we will be sucked into the mire. Therefore, our role in reading should be active. In order to make sense in readers’ minds, writers should presuppose what impressions readers would bear in their minds. Readers could make sense of a text when they share the same presuppositions with writers. If there is a mismatch between the presupposition of the writer and those of the reader, message could not be transfer ira berlin andanggaman essay the writer to the reader smoothly. Hence the role of the logical reasoning is very important in our reading process. It could help us make a prediction of the writers’ purpose. Readers can learn better by using prediction well in reading. This kind of prediction is closely connected with their ability of logical reasoning. Reading, in truth, is a psychological guessing game. In this process, we keep on making assumptions based on our own experiences. Playing well in this psychological guessing game makes readers effective in reading When we are reading, there are two ways of processing a text: the top-down (deductive) and the bottom-up write an essay advanced automotive concepts inc approaches. The Pros and Cons Essay Topics ways are complementary to each other. Using the two approaches in comprehending a text is known as interactive reading. When using the top-down approach, we could us.

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