Need help writing my paper earth 2 puzzle

Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:17:44 AM

What does score mean to me ? essays Every student expect himself or herself to be the best, and everyone knows about straight-A students——that is they must get a high score. It’s widely believed that score is a sign of being a good student. Basically, I agree with most people. I consider score important for me. The importance of score lies on two reasons. On the one hand, I need a yardstick to measure how well I have done in my study and whether I have mastered the knowledge. So score can give me an answer. Except need help writing my paper earth 2 puzzle the factors such as nervous and carelessness, basically, score can tell me the truth that whether I’m good at study. On the other hand, score can always give me the information about my disadvantages. I come to realize my shortage by means of examination. And the score can encourage me to correct my shortage and improve myself. However, in my opinion, what really counts is need help writing my paper earth 2 puzzle so much where we’re been but where we’re going. So the score can not reveal how much progress I will do in the future, but only indicates how I did in the past. In addition, getting a high score cannot always suggest you are intelligent. “Top grades don’t always go to the brightest students. Knowing how to make the most of your innate abilities counts for more.” In a word, score can measure how well you study in a period cheap write my essay criminological theory time, but it is not the determinant factor in your study. Score is more like a means than an end. You can realize your shortage by means of score and improve yourself. Score is a great means to encourage you to make progress. .

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