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Bluetooth overview essays Bluetooth What it is: Bluetooth is a technology that incorporates advanced microchips and radio transceivers to create a wireless network between electronic devices. What it does: · Allow users to connect to wide range of computing and telecommunication devices without cables. · Allows users of the Bluetooth technology to synchronously organize their every day processing. · Facilitates data image and buy essay online cheap peter temple the broken shore views and values transfer between multi-Bluetooth technology enhanced devices. Advantages: · Removes the burden interpretive essay on lonelinessof mice and men cables. · No need for line of sight positioning in order to transmit data. · Can transmit through solid non-metal objects. Disadvantages: · Radio band (2.4Ghz) is shared by several common household devices. · Allows eavesdroppers to listen in on digital exchange of information. · Connection speed is ten times slower than that of other Ethernet connections. · Battery life is seriously degraded in hand held devices. What Technology is it replacing: · Infrared Data Access (IrDA) aimed to serve as a replacement for peripheral cables · Bluetooth will aim at serving as a replacement for both of these technologies Application in Business: · Multi-phone functions, which include fixed line charge (at home), cellular charge (on the go), and walkie-talkie functions with multi Bluetooth functions (no charge). · Allows business users to surf the Internet while mobile. · Instant document transfers between devices enhanced with Bluetooth. · Automatic synchronization of all document updates (i.e. calendar, memo, phonebook). Costs and Benefits: · Approximately $190 US for the PC card. · Costs for manufacturers of Bluetooth technology products will increase by approximately $50 per unit. · Maximizes portability of information. Affects on IS activities: · MIS departments must manage the frequencies within their facilities to ensure the reliability of wireless networks. This will reduce the interference between Bluetooth and 802.11 produc.

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