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47 ronin essays The 47 Ronin Story Oishi’s and Kira’s differences The book The 47 Ronin Story is a very interesting and historically correct book. This book uses the common “good vs. evil” tactic. The 20 mark history essay writing characters in this book is Kira and Oishi. This book is about Ronin or masterless samurai. The setting is around the feudal times in Japan, about 1400’s or so. This book gives the feeling that it is teaching the reader about the samurai’s values and that they may avenge their master’s death. The book was trying to stress that Oishi, who was Lord Asano’s chief retainer or right-hand man, was good and had good intentions for avenging his lord’s death. Kira who was in essence a “false daimyo” because he had no fief of his own, was also the Master of Ceremonies, which gave him such a high place in the shogun’s court. This also earned him the title of “Lord” even though he wasn’t one. Oishi through-out this book represents all the virtues that a samurai stands for: honor, dignity, loyalty, obedience, Essay about Witchcraft and Witch-Hunting Theories, endurance, frugality, courage, politeness, veracity, but mainly and most importantly, loyalty to his ruler. Kira however contradicts these virtues. Kira is loyal to no one but himself, he only got his position by sneaky lizardlike ways, like bribes, and other dark means. This puts more emphasize on Kira representing the evil in this story. Oishi has a strong sphere of influence that causes him to be respected even by his enemies. In the one scene on p 191, Oishi’s enemy Fujii, the man in charge of the spying on him, passes the men of Ako as they march to Edo. His respect for Oishi caused him to no do anything about it, he didn’t tell the guards to arrest him, nor did he turn back to Edo for help, he just kept going to Kyoto and Osaka. This sphere of influence causes him to keep the 46 Ronin that he had. It also causes him to capture the reader’s heart and interest in his leade.

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