Spare the rod and spoil the child essay

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 4:40:24 AM

How to plan for a funeral essays How to plan for a funeral The topic of my research assignment is planning and the steps to take when there is a death in the family. My search help me do my essay problems of standardized tests for writing teachers me to Granby’s funeral home on White Plains road. There I discovered the truth of how expensive the funeral process is and the benefits to yourself and your family for the simple act of pre-planning. It was a cold Halloween afternoon; I thought to myself what better day to go to a funeral home than on this day of the dead. On that An Essay on Modern Technologies: The Era of Electronic Mail I set off to a funeral home that I saw near a day care center that I used to work for. The name of the place was Granby’s funeral home and I proceeded to walk in. A strange fellow that asked what was our business greeted me. I answered, “high school students doing a project.” He then responded, “excellent Lady Granby will see you personally.” I interjected no thanks and decided to interview the strange fellow. I think that it was the overall atmosphere of this place or maybe the dirty angel in the corner that made that made me fear “Lady Granby.” He then explained to me the proper procedure to take care of the deceased. He said that the first thing to do in that situation is to call him. The funeral home sends a hearse to pickup the body. At this point he sat me down and handed me a pamphlet with prices for services and even package deals. I thought to myself that is the extra value meal of the macabre. Anyway at this point the mortician embalms the body with embalming fluids and gets the corpse ready for dressing. Dressing consists of make-up and usually the family will bring clothes for the deceased to wear. After the dressing the funeral services are made and is largely influenced by the religion and beliefs of the family. Granby’s themselves have services in the home, but charge more than having the viewing in a church. This is the final step before the burying. (if you choose burial) The gentleman said tha.

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