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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 1:04:06 PM

Eminemaphobia essays Eminemaphobia In The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary, censorship is “stopping the transmission or publication of matter considered objectionable.” Nearly every artist promotes violence, sex, or other objectionable tactics that may make a listener uncomfortable. If all the other music artists are not censored, why is Eminem being targeted to have his music taken off the air? Censoring Eminem is not the answer and takes away his First Amendment right. Doesn’t turning off the radio do the same thing? Eminem walked away from the forty-third annual Grammy Awards with three golden statues in hand. His latest album “The Marshall Mathers LP” has Online essay helper beyond multi-platinum; he is arguably the most compelling figure in music today. His violent songs of killing his wife and raping women have caused people to label him a write my essay ? and misogynist by his critics. Yet to censor Eminem would be buy essay online cheap cu1565 promote creativity and creative. It shouldn’t be the government’s job to censor what we watch or listen to; that’s up to the individual or the parents. Don’t blame Eminem; it’s not his fault people listen to him. Eminem’s lyrics are very explicit and are not intended for kids. If you look at his album it does contain a parental advisory sticker on it. The law is supposed to require that you have to be eighteen to purchase it. However, many children are going to have access to Eminem’s music every where they go. Parents and other authorities are very capable of preventing children from getting Eminem’s music. Why should he have to change his music or even his lifestyle for their sake? He can not be responsible for every kid out there and to put this responsibility on his back is impossible. If you don’t like it, turn it off. Many people feel that Eminem’s lyrics will cause teens to become more violent. But how can a song cause a person to act out violently? If a person's morals have been set by their parents, how can they be b.

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