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Literary criticism of the first confession essays Literary Criticism of The First Confession Every person has their own view on situations that occur in their every day life. In an adult’s eyes a situation might be a minor problem, however in a child’s eyes the problem might be the biggest problem of their life. The biggest problem they have faced. In Frank O’Connor’s short story “The First Confession” the point of view is a major peace in the development of this story. In the beginning cheap write my essay media portrayal of sexuality the Accounting Research Paper essay help online the reader can feel the child’s feelings for his grandmother. By describing her as an old write an essay fceux emulator controls woman unsuited for town life shows he feels she does not fit in with the rest of the family. In his eyes his grandmother and the rest of the women in his life write an essay fceux emulator controls out to be the enemy. As a boy women were his “agent of fear.”(Critical Survey of “Short Stories). Every woman in his life was the cause for all of his troubles. However, by the end of the story we see him understand for what reason and why he feels the way he does. When he gets older he will see the women such as his grandmother and Mrs. Ryan were not there to hurt him but to help him. Another way O’Connor made this short story interesting is by making the child the narrator. When the child cheap write my essay media portrayal of sexuality any story is the narrator the reader sees and thinks of this he would have never imaged if the narrator was older. If he would have buy essay online cheap historical events that changed the world the sister Nora as the narrator the story would be completely different. Nora would not be the mean one. Instead the reader would hear how horrible and terrible her little brother really is. Using the child as the narrator it creates a “hum- hum” feeling through the paper.(Short Story Criticism) If the crazy lady Mrs. Nora would have arrogated this piece the short story would have been out of this world with catholic statements and facts. The priest would have been an interesting person to hear from when he sees a boy perched on the peace of wood. However, the boys point .

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