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Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:17:38 AM

Should we buy the logo? essays SHOULD Top analysis essay ghostwriting sites au BUY THE LOGO? Since we look very cool by wearing brands, we only see the favorable side for us. Isn’t there a bad side in every decision? (yin & yang ) From the present time, lets go back 100 years. In the United Kingdom, the clothes and the shoes people wore were made in small factories known as sweatshops. These are named after the undesirable conditions that the workers endured. One by one these workshops disappeared as workers fought through trade unions for their working rights, higher wages, better living and working conditions. However, is there order essay online cheap ethnobotany difference in other parts of the world between the present and the past? Trans-national companies (TNC’S) such as Nike and Adidas are blamed for using their workers for their own profits and on the way to profit harming them. This knowledge forces some of the organizations in who are the protectors of the workers and laws to ensure that workers are in desirable conditions. At this time, there are points where the economic, social and ethical facts known by the society can be used in favor of the workers and can work against the TNC’S. The economical figures show that, especially in the last 20 years, TNC’s are doing investments on the countries where the human labor is cheaper. When we come to look at these figures; a worker in China gets $0.30 cents an hour whilst a worker in USA gets $8.42 dollars for an hourly wage. Order essay online cheap for profit colleges provide a higher quality education, the workers money is the root of all evil essay for and against the poorer countries earn no more than 10% of the wages of the ones who work in the UK. Also cheap write my essay literary critical theories reason for these companies doing investments is that because these countries are developing they are less strict in laws. Especially in China, the clothing sector in the year of 1996 employed 4 million workers, where the foreign companies run the sector. On the contrary, if TNC’S didn’t exist, where would these workers find a work to do? TNC’S provide employment for people in poorer countries who .

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