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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:10:31 PM

Triumph of storms essays Triumph of Storms A dark stormy night many months ago, I, Alarico Aurelia Francisco, was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, on my ship called the Swift Rabbit. In Spanish, Alarico means rules all and Aurelia means gold, rules all gold. I had 92 men onboard my main ship and 186 help me do my essay the gaelic athletic association on the supply ships. We were on our way home to our great country of Spain from the Americas. In the Americas, we found many wonderful things for Spain, gold, cocoa, and many more treasures. Our king will be proud! I shall repay him for giving us the gold for our voyage. Even though I must repay the king, I cheap write my essay healthcare history still have enough gold to never help writing my paper testosterone again, for the rest of my life. One day I hope to sail back to the Americas, to establish new Spanish colonies, where I will rule. So we were sailing along, men all around me are seasick because the ship is rocking violently, from the waves. We rush down to the cabins with the supplies, so that the showers do not ruin them. I almost do not see why we saved them, our bread is rat feed and our water is putrid. The lookout has spotted land! Maybe this is an undiscovered island, and I captain Alarico Aurelia Francisco, will become the ruler! As we approach this new land the rain becomes stronger, it’s now pounding the decks. Suddenly the wind picks up and the island is gone. I look buy essay online cheap twelve angry men - prejudice the west, and there… I spot some sort of creature. It has three flaming red eyes, an enormous green-scaled body, and a massive tail bigger than the king’s castle. I’m now terrified, ridged at just the thought of this … this … monster. This monster was powerful, stronger than 100 of my men. It’s fierce jaws snap at mast of the Swift Rabbit. I turn the wheel but I fail to escape its intense jaws. Men are running in every direction, some throw spears, others planks of wood, they defend themselves with whatever they’ve got. This monster is invincible. My supply ship is now gone, devoured by this beast. All is not lost.

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