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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 6:51:15 PM

Transformations & symmetry essays What is transformation? Transformation is a one-to-one function from one plane on to another plane or to a different area on the same plane. A transformation describes a change in appearance of points in a plane. It is a transfer from the pre-image to the image. There are many types of transformations that I will be describing. The first type of transformation need help writing my paper negative leadership behavior write an essay south park as a reflection. A reflection maps cheap write my essay responses to al qaeda point from one plane and creates it on another plane in the same manner and order. One of the main characteristics of reflection is reverse orientation. This means that whatever order the points were in, they transformed to be the opposite. This concept is the same as when you look into a mirror, all the points are reversed. Another type of transformation is known as translation. A translation is a transformation formed by the composition of two reflections in which the lines of the reflection are parallel. According to my understanding of this concept, in order to have the lines parallel, the figures must be placed side by side. In this type of transformation the orientation of the figure is changed but then changed back. The first reflection reverses the orientation, then the second reflection reverses it back to the way it first was. When you have more than one transformation of one figure you are then, performing a composition of transformations. The third type of translation is called a rotation. A rotation buy essay online cheap surrender a transformation formed by the composition of two reflections in which the lines of reflection intersect. This is accomplished by using two reflections or a composition. The concept of this transformation is that it is reflected at an angle, therefore causing the perpendicular lines to intersect at a write an essay south park, sort of like a glass prism. Another type of transformation is known as a dilation. A dilation is known.

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